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    01 How can we help

    Armor helps you to affect the generational wealth gap by creating strategies to preserve ownership, create equity reinvestment and working with investors for acquisition of distressed properties.
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    uncertain times.

    Although we don’t have a real estate magic wand to erase your payment history, we work to find the winning solution for your situation. Our team of licensed professionals are ready to go to bat for you, as we have for countless others. Give us a call today so we can assist with taking the burden of worry from your shoulders.

    uncertain times.

    If you have fallen on hard times and are behind on your mortgage payment, the threat of foreclosure or the possibility of losing your home can be quite scary. Know you are not alone. The FDIC states that 1 out of every 200 homes will be foreclosed on, and that many Americans live on a financial edge. When hardships arise they can devastate a family’s situation. At Armor, we know that there is more to the story that got you to this point and want to understand how we can assist you.

    02 Case Studies

    Examples of how we impact our clients.

    Client came to us after working with competitor companies, after 5 failed attempts to find assistance the client was facing an imminent foreclosure.


    Reset the loan by capitalizing all arrearage and negotiating a sustainable payment amount.


    Within 17 days, client’s foreclosure was suspended and a loan modification was negotiated to a reduced rate of 2% from 6.5%. Client was also granted a $50k reduction in unpaid principle balance.


    Probate counsel referred a client with an impending foreclosure in 18 days.


    Worked with a strategic partner to attain an approval for an equity based loan, however after understanding the full context of client’s financial position we realized a loan was not in the best interest of the client. We worked to pivot the file to the real estate investment team, and found a buyer to purchase the home at current market value.


    The client was able to make a $108K cash positive exit, that would’ve been lost had the property gone to foreclosure.


    Client had successfully completed bankruptcy process, and was able to negotiate a change in the terms of the loan contract with a creditor. However somewhere in the process there was a breakdown and the client was facing foreclosure.


    We identified an error of the court, saving the client $15K in attorney fees, and negotiated to have the loan reinstated.


    We were able to negotiate the balance of the loan due to the error, and client ended up paying $0.


    Client needed to avert foreclosure, due to loan maturation and the lender was demanding a payment in full of the total debt.


    Taking a deep dive into the client’s position we were able to refer him to a strategic partner to secure a loan to payoff the debt with an additional line of credit. We were also able to be the architect on this client’s credit repair and removal of a title defect junior.

    We then were able to convert putting this client on the offense and referred him to the investor relations team.


    The client was able to avoid foreclosure and pay off home loan. While working with our investor relations team the client has acquired a property to flip with no cash down by combining purchase and line of credit loans. The client is currently looking to make $100K in 90 days, the sale is currently pending on MLS.

    03 The Process

    1. Everything Starts
    with a Story

    We take the time to understand your situation and what has gotten you where you are. This initial call sets the ground work for what is next to come.

    2. Creating a Plan of Action

    No matter where you are in your story we all have work to do. Together we will find the best solution. With a clear understanding of your story we are able to create a plan of action that has tangible milestones.

    3. Achieving Milestones

    With small and big tasks our team and strategic partners work to meet the deadlines set forth for your file. Not everything falls on the our team though, you will have to work to accomplish your tasks as well.

    4. Plan Re-Evaluation

    Once we get to the end of dealing with the large fires, we will go back to make sure you are setup for success as you move forward. We will work together to make a plan to keep your story on track.


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